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Advertising Services

Antiques Nova Scotia offers a Banner Advertising Service to help Nova Scotia tourism businesses increase their exposure. The Antiques Nova Scotia website welcomes 400 to 650 visitors on an average day, with activity peaking during the spring and summer months.

Banner advertising is offered in two formats:

The Random Banner displays a 400x60px banner randomly on a section of the website that you choose (e.g. auctioneer banners are displayed randomly on the auctioneer page).

The Static Banner displays a 400x60px banner on a section of the website that you choose and occupies that position full time for the period purchased. No other advertising will appear in that position for that period.

All banner images must be 400x60 pixels in size, at a resolution of no more than 75dpi. All banners must use either JPEG or GIF image formats. No animated banners will be accepted. Antiques Nova Scotia reserves the right to refuse any banner images.

Antiques Nova Scotia offers advertising at very competitive rates. Our packages are custom designed and priced to suit your business and we will be please to discuss your requirements. info@antiquesnovascotia.com


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